Coverage in The Nation of Garden City Community College’s Announcement of an ‘Independent’ Investigation of Braeden Bradforth’s Death

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May 14, 2019
Flashback: Let’s Make the Investigations of Braeden Bradforth’s Death at Garden City Community College Criminal, As Well As Civil
May 17, 2019

Complete chronological headline links to Concussion Inc.’s coverage of the Braeden Bradforth story are at Here’s my quote at the conclusion of the linked story below by Dave Zirin, sports editor of The Nation:

“Braeden Bradforth’s is the latest of 36 deaths in college football conditioning this century, and many of the others have had so-called independent investigations funded by the institution. So this is a good step but not nearly enough. Will the GCCC investigation hold coaches and administrators accountable, or merely tweak future procedures? Will the inevitable civil lawsuit by Braeden Bradforth’s mother be accompanied by a criminal investigation, already indicated by the known facts, of reckless endangerment, manslaughter, and cover-up? Will Congress hold truthful hearings on this pandemic of non-game, non-scrimmage, non-traumatic football deaths, so that the public understands them as such—not as isolated incidents that get paid off, one by one, as a cost of doing business?”



A Victory in the Case of Braeden Bradforth

Finally, an independent investigation has been opened into the high school football star’s death.

By Dave Zirin

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