BREAKING: Congressman Smith Cancels Friday Meeting With Garden City Community College President and Braeden Bradforth’s Mother, After GCCC Lawyer Reneges on Meeting’s Terms

Published April 23rd, 2019, Uncategorized



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by Irvin Muchnick


Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey today told the president of Garden City Community College (GCCC), Ryan Ruda, that he was calling off a meeting in Kansas tentatively scheduled for Friday with Joanne Atkins-Ingram, the mother of Braeden Bradforth, the 19-year-old student-athlete who died of exertional heat stroke following a football practice at Garden City last August.

In a letter to Ruda, the congressman said GCCC’s lawyer, Randy Grisell, “in direct contradiction” of earlier understandings, had warned that Smith and Atkins-Ingram should not travel to Garden City expecting the college to share its purported internal administrative review of the incident.

Smith added that “it is no longer clear that a report of the internal review — that you and I discussed on the phone — even exists.” Smith reiterated his call for release of the internal review and for Garden City to commit to commissioning an independent investigation by outside experts, similar to the one undertaken by the University of Maryland last year following the exertional heat stroke death of football player Jordan McNair.

“When you are ready, when you have a clear consensus that GCCC can be transparent, we will eagerly reschedule,” the congressman concluded.

Concussion Inc. has uploaded a facsimile of Congressman Smith’s letter to