See It Now: Cal Football Assistant Athletic Trainer Michael Jones Tells Campus Cop He Isn’t Allowed to Talk About Ted Agu’s ‘Medical Status’

Another New Berkeley Campus Police Document Surfaces: Assistant Trainer Told Cop He Didn’t Know If He ‘Was Allowed to Discuss’ Ted Agu’s ‘Medical Status’
April 2, 2019
Even With the Judge Wrongly Enabling the Public Records Act Suppression of the Secret Berkeley Campus Police 141-Page Binder, Documents Are Telling the Story of the University of California’s Ted Agu Football Death Cover-Up
April 4, 2019


“‘Inadvertently’ Omitted Documents in California Public Records Act Case Show Berkeley Football Team Doctor Casey Batten — Point Person in the Ted Agu Sickle Cell Trait Death Cover-Up — Corresponding With Chief Campus Counsel,” April 1, 2019,

“Another New Berkeley Campus Police Document Surfaces: Assistant Trainer Told Cop He Didn’t Know If He ‘Was Allowed to Discuss’ Ted Agu’s ‘Medical Status,” April 2, 2019,

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by Irvin Muchnick


At, Concussion Inc. has uploaded the record of the interview of Cal football assistant athletic trainer Michael Jones by Berkeley campus police Detective Harry Bennigson on February 11, 2014, four days after Ted Agu died. As reported yesterday, Bennigson’s supplemental report notes that Jones told him that he did not know if he was allowed to talk about Agu’s “medical status.”

Agu’s medical status was that he was a carrier of sickle cell trait, and he perished during an extreme punishment drill by the then Golden Bears’ head coach Sonny Dykes’ conditioning assistant Damon Harrington.

The cause of death was ECAST: exertional collapse associated with sickle cell trait. The Alameda County medical examiner blew this finding in his April 2014 autopsy report, thanks to machinations by the football team physician, Dr. Casey Batten, who withheld from chief coroner Dr. Thomas Beaver knowledge of the sickle cell trait and, in a highly irregular phone call — which was, effectively, a piece of clinical lobbying — pushed a theory of generic heart failure.

The Jones interview supplemental marks the fourth document from a secret and disputed 141-page campus police binder of reports surrounding the Agu death that we have obtained recently from campus sources and published, following Alameda County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey S. Brand’s February decision that the binder was exempt from production by the university in my California Public Records Act lawsuit.

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