A Week After the Braeden Bradforth Death ‘Internal Review’ Was Reported To Have Been Completed, Garden City Community College Remains Mum

Published February 8th, 2019, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick


Wichita television station KWCH reported last week that Garden City Community College had completed the internal administrative review interim president Ryan Ruda had ordered in the after-practice exertional heat stroke death last August of football player Braeden Bradforth. The KWCH information coincided with a new wave of attention brought to the case by the campus and town visit of Bradforth’s mother, Joanne Atkins-Ingram, and her lawyer Jill Greene, who had flown to Kansas from New Jersey.

This week the college did not respond to Concussion Inc.’s inquiry into the report of the review’s completion and submission to lawyers. Additionally, Ashley Salazar, Ruda’s spokesperson, would not say who had authored the review, its length, and whether some or all of it was earmarked for public release.

Of most intense interest is whether this document addresses reports that Jeff Sims, then the head football coach, withheld water from the players during the fatal practice session, which consisted largely of repetitive wind sprints in the heat. We wrote about this serious allegation on January 2 at https://concussioninc.net/?p=13533.