See It Now: Full Text of Paramedics’ 911 Narrative in the Football Conditioning Death of Braeden Bradforth at Garden City Community College in Kansas

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December 31, 2018
Witnesses of August Football Practice at Garden City (Kansas) Community College Tell of Water Withheld, Players Collapsing During Repeated Sprint Drills, Coach Jeff Sims Humiliating Braeden Bradforth As He Struggled Prior to Exertional Heat Stroke Death
January 2, 2019

On December 10, Concussion Inc. reported details from the narrative of the Finney County (Kansas) Emergency Medical Services Patient Care Report of the August 1 call for Braeden Bradforth, a stricken Garden City Community College football player. Bradforth was pronounced dead at St. Catherine Hospital from what the coroner would determine to be exertional heat stroke. The paramedics’ report documented that prior to the 911 call, the Garden City coaches had had the unresponsive Bradforth drenched with a water hose — casting emphatic and real-time doubt on the account of head coach Jeff Sims, who made the hearsay claim that an unnamed emergency room doctor told him the 19-year-old student-athlete had suffered a heart attack from a blood clot out of nowhere.

Below, we now make available the full text of the report narrative. A facsimile copy of the page of the report with this text is viewable at

Later today, citing sources who were on the scene, Concussion Inc. will be reporting shocking new details of the GCCC Broncbusters football practice that day and of the actions and remarks of Sims, who is now the head coach at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri.


Patient name: Bradforth, Braden [sic]

Incident number: 18082013


Finney County EMS Unit 97 was dispatched to 801 N Campus for a male subject unresponsive [but] is breathing. Upon arrival a patients teammate meets at unit and states patient is in between buildings. Teammate states they had an intense workout one hour prior and then found patient between buildings unresponsive. One Coach states they wet patient with hose to see if they could get him to respond and he would not so that is when they contacted EMS. before teammates found him and they contacted EMS.

At this time coaches made all players go back to rooms so any witnesses (if any) were not present at this time.

Patient was found sitting slouched over with his head leaning on the building in a small walk area between two buildings. Patient was unresponsive but breathing and had a radial pulse. Patient was moaning and was wet. There was also a lot of water on sidewalk around him. Patient would not respond to EMS when called name or given a sternal rub.

Coaches state that they had an intense cardio workout prior and had a meeting after and were unable to locate patient after meeting. Teammates then found patient unresponsive leaning next to building.

Coaches were unable to provide information regarding incident. Coaches were unsure if patient hit head, fainted, or anything regarding what happened.

Coaches were only able to provide minimal patient history. Coach states patient had asthma and used an inhaler. Coach also stated he had seasonal allergies. They were unable to provide any other past medical history on patient.

A BGL of 141mg/dl was taken by [paramedic]. Patient was log rolled onto soft stretcher. Patient began vomiting and was turned to side as he continued to vomit. Once patient finished vomiting, EMS and GCCC coaches assisted in moving patient to cot via soft stretcher. Patient was secured X3 and positioned in high fowlers. Patient was moved into back of unit.

One Coach states they wet patient with hose to see if they could get him to respond and he would not so that is when they contacted EMS.

In back of unit, vitals were taken as noted. Monitor was placed on patient showing a rhythm or sinus tachycardia at a rate of 178. An NPA 32G was placed in left nare by J. Good and oxygen was given via nonrebreather at 1SlPM. No response was given when NPA was placed. Initial O2 sats were 92-94 and improved to upper 90s.

An IV was attempted by C. Macias in right hand with a 18G and was unsuccessful. An IO was placed in the left tibia by C. Macias with a 15G, 25mm needle and secured with two 2 inch gauze wraps. Patient showed no response to IO being placed. 40mg of Lidocaine was given through IO and flushed with a 10cc bolus. A pressure bag was applied to a 1000ml bag of Normal Saline and given wide open via IO. Pupils were dilated with sluggish reactivity.

As Unit 97 continued patient care, Unit 94 arrived and drove Unit 97 to hospital with lights and sirens. En route a nasal cannula capnography was placed by J. Good. C. Macias administered 2 ml of Naloxone via IO. Patient showed no response to Naloxone.

Vitals were repeated as noted. A second blood pressure was unable to obtain due to motion of truck. Radio report was given to advise SCH on patient condition. Unit 97 arrived to SCH and transferred care to ED, room 3. At this time approximately 750ml of Normal Saline was given.

Remaining patient information was given at bedside to ED Doctor and nurses. Grace Donecker, ED healthcare provider, signed authorization form due to patient being unresponsive. Unit 97 cleared of ED and returned back to service.


Christine Macias, Paramedic

James Good, Paramedic



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