Garden City Community College ‘Recognizes Importance’ of Exertional Heat Stroke Finding in Braeden Bradforth Football Conditioning Death

Why Did the Kansas Forensic Pathologist Specifically Go to the Trouble of Pointing Out ‘No Blood Clot’ in Death of Garden City Community College Football Player Braeden Bradforth?
December 4, 2018
Football Conditioning Death of Braeden Bradforth at Garden City Community College: Complete Links
December 5, 2018

by Irvin Muchnick


The essential ingredient of local media coverage entered the picture today in the scandalous death of Braeden Bradforth, the 19-year-old Garden City Community College football player who died of heat stroke following the first day of practice on August 1 — a fatality that the head coach, Jeff Sims, immediately and erroneously pinned on a “blood clot.”

I have learned that KSN-TV in Wichita is readying a news report for broadcast and its online platform. At, KSN published this statement from the college:


“Garden City Community College received word on November 29th that the autopsy report for former GCCC student Braeden Bradforth was released as public record.  The report cites Braden’s cause of death as exertional heat stroke.  Garden City Community College grieves with Braeden’s family after his untimely death in August of 2018.  The institution recognizes the importance of the autopsy’s findings, and that these findings provide Braden’s family with an understanding of the medical circumstances surrounding his passing.  In order to provide additional factual information, an internal review is being conducted by GCCC administrators. The review was launched at the direction of Interim President, Dr. Ryan Ruda.  It was among the first actions taken in his new role.  The ongoing review is intended to ensure that the college can transparently inform the community, the media, and-most importantly-Braeden’s family of the accurate facts and circumstances surrounding Braeden’s death.”




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