USA Swimming Chief Tim Hinchey Bails on Tomorrow’s Scheduled Meeting With Grooming-Abuse Victim Sarah Ehekircher and Attorney Jonathan Little

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by Irvin Muchnick


Two days before his long-scheduled third meeting with Sarah Ehekircher, the head of USA Swimming informed her that he would be unavailable because he is traveling.

Ehekircher — whose story of her grooming and abuse in the 1980s by her Colorado club coach, Scott MacFarland, has been documented by Concussion Inc. for more than seven months — told me that she got an email yesterday from Liz Hahn, USA Swimming’s safe sport coordinator, informing her that CEO Tim Hinchey would not be present, after all, at the meeting tomorrow in Denver. Hahn said Hinchey would be out of town.

This was to have been Ehekircher’s third meeting with both Hinchey and Hahn, as both the swimming national governing body and its sister U.S. Olympic Committee entity, the U.S. Center for SafeSport, continue to try to figure out how to handle both her complaint against MacFarland and her deeper allegation that swimming’s original 2010 investigation of the matter was flawed and biased. The SafeSport Center has told Ehekircher that a ruling is imminent.

Jonathan Little, a prominent anti-abuse attorney, also will be part of the meeting that now will involve only Ehekircher and Hahn. Lucinda McRoberts, swimming’s chief lawyer, will be there, as well.

Hinchey’s last-minute cancellation is in step with the bad faith that has marked the Ehekircher case from the beginning.


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