See It Now — Full Transcripts of the Depositions Showing That University of California Football Team Doc Casey Batten Misled the Alameda County Coroner on the Cause of the 2014 Death of Ted Agu

Cal Football Doc Casey Batten Spun, Lobbied, Misled Coroner in Ted Agu Death. Only Question Is: Did Batten Do This on His Own?
September 12, 2018
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September 15, 2018



NEW TED AGU PAPERS: Background of University of California Team Doctor’s Deception of Coroner in 2014 Football Death Is Revealed in Internal Emails

Published September 11th, 2018


We have made viewable the full transcripts of the depositions of Dr. Casey Batten and Dr. Thomas Beaver in the civil lawsuit by the family in the 2014 punishment drill conditioning death of Cal football player Ted Agu.

The deposition of Batten, then the football team physician, is at

The deposition of Beaver,then the Alameda County medical examiner, is at

Again, from the Batten:


“Q [Y]ou never suggested to him your opinions or your history or anything like that, correct?

A Umm, I don’t recall that I had a conversation where we — I think we did say something along the lines of it appeared to be, but it was — I think it was — it might have been after — I really don’t recall when I spoke with him.”


From the Beaver:


“A [D]id Dr. Batten ever tell you that Ted Agu had sickle cell trait?

Q No, he did not.

A Okay. So sickle cell trait was not even in your mind at the time you talked to Dr. Batten the day of your autopsy and your cutting young Agu?

Q That’s correct.[…] [I]t didn’t even cross my mind.

A Okay. And having been told that Ted Agu collapsed suddenly, did you then begin to initially believe or lead you to believe that there may be a cardiac death?

Q Yes.


So in my opinion based upon all of the information that I have today as we sit here is that the cause of death is best certified as sickle cell crisis or complications of sickle cell crisis and, and I think that is, outweighs the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.”



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