Tweeting the Current Essentials of the Story of the 2014 Ted Agu Football Death Cover-Up at the University of California-Berkeley

NEW TED AGU PAPERS: Background of University of California Team Doctor’s Deception of Coroner in 2014 Football Death Is Revealed in Internal Emails
September 11, 2018
Cal Football Doc Casey Batten Spun, Lobbied, Misled Coroner in Ted Agu Death. Only Question Is: Did Batten Do This on His Own?
September 12, 2018

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NEW TED AGU PAPERS: Background of University of California team doctor’s deception of coroner in 2014 football death is revealed in internal emails …

At the very moment when UC Berkeley football doc Casey Batten was misleading the coroner on the cause of Ted Agu’s death, the university was honing PR talking points to tamp down questions about their knowledge that Ted carried sickle cell trait.

What else is the University of California hiding in my Public Records Act lawsuit on Ted Agu’s 2014 football death? For one thing, a 141-page campus police document including an account of the toxic culture in the Berkeley football conditioning program.

1/2 A small correction to my just-published story on the cover-up of the 2014 Ted Agu football death that only makes UC Berkeley look worse.

2/2 It was then Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour herself — not a deputy AD — who emailed “It’s certainly possible” that witnesses had access to the huddle outside Alta Bates Hospital of team physician Batten, head football coach Dykes, and herself.

If you google “Ted Agu cause of death,” the answer comes up “hypertrophic cardiomyopathy” (HCM). That’s because the coroner originally blew the right call: exertional collapse associated with sickle cell trait. (cont.)

(cont.) And the Alameda County medical examiner originally missed sickle cell trait-associated collapse in the 2014 Ted Agu football death because team doctor Casey Batten concealed Cal’s knowledge that Ted was a carrier.

Coming up at : There’s no serious question that Cal football doc Casey Batten spun, lobbied, misled the coroner in Ted Agu football death. Only question is whether Batten did this on his own.

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