Former FDA Official Daniel Fabricant, Now an Industry Lobbyist, Huffs and Puffs at Anthony Roberts Article Exposing His Shocking Misconduct

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by Irvin Muchnick


My friend and fellow investigative journalist Anthony Roberts has published a powerful article, based solely on public records, exploring workplace abuses, discrimination, and harassment of whistleblowers by Daniel Fabricant, chief executive of the dietary supplement lobbying group Natural Products Association (NPA).

Fabricant and his lawyer had no substantive response to the allegations. Instead, they rattled sabers at Roberts and falsely accused him of purloining confidential or trade-secret materials. In a manner so common to these puerile times, Fabricant added puerile ad hominem insults.

See “Charged with boosting health supplements, ex-FDA and current national products executive has long history of harassment and discrimination complaints,”

The handiwork of Fabricant’s NPA includes what it calls its proud “work with the Trump Administration to ensure that health conscious American consumers have access to the products they use every day.” Toward that end, NPA spearheaded a citizens’ petition that succeeded in staying for 18 months requirements for the addition of fuller ingredient information on product labels.

In 2012 Anthony Roberts and I co-authored the ebook THE CHINA SYNDROME: How Athletes and Celebrities Get Their Performance-Enhancing Drugs — How a Rogue Prosecutor Bungled Their Bust. It is available on Amazon Kindle at

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