Twitter Digest of the Current Status of the Mystery of George Gibney at the North Jeffco Swim Club Out of Apex Park & Rec in Arvada, Colorado

Colorado Park & Rec Lawyer Says We Don’t Know Anything About George Gibney … or Ken ‘Kelly’. Concussion Inc. Responds.
March 20, 2018
Arvada (Colorado) Police Issue Second and Different Description of Sgt. Jo Ann Rzeppa’s 1995 Report on George Gibney; Deny That Detective Had Connection to the North Jeffco Swim Team
March 22, 2018

Irvin Muchnick‏ @irvmuch

1/5 None dare call George Gibney in Colorado a cover-up. So how does “gross incompetence and stupidity” grab you as an alternative?

2/5 Yesterday an Apex Park & Rec lawyer didn’t even know how to spell the name of George Gibney’s head coach boss at the North Jeffco swim club in ’94-’95 — the late local legend Ken Kelley — and referred to him as “an additional individual you mention.”

3/5 After Park & Rec whiff in “sincere effort to research historical files” (which didn’t include reading their own newsletter eulogy to Ken Kelley from 16 months ago), all eyes in the George Gibney in Colorado mystery turn to the Arvada Police Department.

4/5 Now-retired Sgt. Jo Ann Rzeppa investigated George Gibney’s Irish past and 1995 complaint of misconduct at the North Jeffco swim club — and did nothing. Perhaps this had something to do with the fact that Rzeppa’s son was a swimmer on Gibney’s team.

5/5 The Arvada police failure in 2015 to release more than summary of its 1995 report is now — in light of the possibility of police malfeasance in not disclosing Rzeppa’s conflict — totally unacceptable. The full report MUST be released. More later at .

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