Read the Powerful Open Letter to the USA Swimming Board of Directors by Coach Chris DeSantis — And Sign the Petition

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February 21, 2018
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February 22, 2018

Dear Members of the USA Swimming Board,

The time for secrets is over. In the past days and weeks, greater and greater media attention has come to our sport, as journalists have begun to peel away at the veil of secrecy that has existed in USA Swimming and the USOC at the highest level.


So begins a direct and concise open letter, by good-guy coach Chris DeSantis, that he has published online at his site. Read it at You can sign the petition supporting it at

In his open letter, DeSantis references the 2010 suicide of Sarah Burt, a 16-year-old Illinois swimmer and honors student who had been groomed and abused by her USA Swimming club coach. More from here shortly on remembering Sarah and making sure part of her legacy includes instituting toothful oversight and accountability in our youth sports programs.

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