Given a Platform to Discuss Sex Abuse in Swimming, Michael Phelps Swings and Misses

U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Head Travis Tygart’s Cover-Ups of Sex Abuse at USA Swimming: Complete Links
October 20, 2017
In a Tired Celebrity Media Ritual, Michael Phelps ‘Opens Up’ About Everything — Well, Everything Except the Sex Abuse Right Under His Nose in the Swimming World
October 23, 2017

The tease in the push item from The Daily Beast sounded so promising:


“The greatest Olympic athlete of all time—with a record 23 gold medals—opens up about Russian doping, his mental health struggles, and sexual assault awareness.”


But the actual exchange on the last point was just more of the same thin gruel:


“There was the hashtag #MeToo that circulated last weekend, with women sharing their stories of sexual harassment or assault. And fellow U.S. Olympic athlete McKayla Maroney disclosed that she’d been sexually assaulted by her former Team USA doctor Larry Nassar, who stands accused of abusing scores of women—including many U.S. Olympians. How prevalent is sexual assault among the Olympic community?

For me, I’ve worked with the same exact doctor my whole career. He’s been with me in Baltimore, with me in Michigan, with me in Arizona, and he does everything. If it goes on in the swimming world, I don’t know about it.”


Next, Concussion Inc. will publish comprehensive links to our years of coverage of the multiple sexual abuse scandals at Phelps’s original home, the North Baltimore Aquatic Club.

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