In South African Exile, Root George Gibney Victim and Whistleblower Chalkie White Talks to the Irish Independent

Harvey Weinstein and George Gibney
October 16, 2017
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October 18, 2017

by Irvin Muchnick


The story linked below, a must-read, speaks for itself. Just one comment from here:

For the record, I have never spoken with Chalkie White. Once, I did seek to speak with White through an intermediary and the arrangements were under way, but before they could be completed I decided that bothering him was not necessary for the story I was working on. I have spoken and corresponded a couple of times with Dr. Gary O’Toole, the Irish Olympic swimmer who was not a Gibney sexual abuse victim, but is the key figure who organized victims into reporting Gibney’s crimes after Chalkie White approached O’Toole to ask if he had ever been harassed or molested himself.

Now to today’s Irish Independent:


A childhood burden: ‘All of the secrets, all of the time’

Unlike many of the more recent abuse cases in Irish sport, former national swimming champion Chalkie White, who was abused as young boy, never even had his day in court. He spoke to our reporter about coping with the dark legacy of his childhood and the freedom that came with coming out in middle age

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