Murray Stephens Flashback 5: Where Is the International Swimming Hall of Fame on the Induction of Alleged Sex-Abuser Coaches?

Published May 28th, 2017, Uncategorized

Concussion Inc. has reported that Hall of Fame swimming coach Murray Stephens is back as the operator of the Meadowbrook Aquatic Center, home of Michael Phelps’ original base, the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, after having disappeared as the face of the center in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct.



Notes on Sex Crimes in Sports Other Than Swimming – And a Question for the International Swimming Hall of Fame

Published November 19th, 2012

Do we need a reminder that it is not my intent to be picking on USA Swimming?

Junior hockey, too, is notorious for coach sex abuse, and there’s a new case there involving Anthony DeSilva, general manager and coach of the Massachusetts Maple Leafs. See “Did USA Hockey Protect a Predator?”,

Let’s also shine a harsh light on International Tennis Hall of Famer Bob Hewitt, who got booted out of that shrine following an investigation of allegations that he molested girls he coached. See

In swimming, it’s well known that Paul Bergen was the coach who is alleged to have abused 1972 gold medalist Deena Deardurff Schmidt. Yet Bergen’s legacy in the International Swimming Hall of Fame remains, uh, unmolested.

The same is true of North Baltimore Aquatic Club founder Murray Stephens. This blog has identified Stephens as the coach who – in 2010, the year he was inducted into ISHOF – was accused by a former swimmer of having sexually preyed on her years ago, when she was underage.

I’ve asked Bruce Wigo, chief executive of the swimming hall, whether his organization has formulated policies in this area. I’ll let you know if and how he responds.


Irv Muchnick






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