More Breaking Major Media Coverage of the Olympic Sport Governing Bodies’ Sex Abuse and Cover-Up Scandals

Trump’s Russia Ties Included Promoting MMA Great Fedor Emelianenko
February 19, 2017
Can Senator Dianne Feinstein Find Success on Oversight of Olympic Sports Body Sex Abuse, Where Congressman George Miller Failed?
February 21, 2017


Senator Feinstein Seeks Tougher Law For National Sports Governing Bodies’ Handling of Sex Abuse Cases Published February 18th, 2017



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Irvin Muchnick@irvmuch

Story of USOC sport bodies’ abuse cover-ups getting legs again thanks to Washington Post, Indy Star, Senator Dianne Feinstein on 60 Minutes.

Fabulous new one, @TheWillHobson, Washington Post, on how Congressman Miller’s 2014 sports abuse probe went awry:

I’ll have more to say tomorrow at  on failed effort by Cong. Miller — an analysis guaranteed to irritate flatterers.

Also Tuesday, 7:17 a.m. EDT, I’m scheduled to be interviewed by Marc Daniels, @thebeatofsports, Orlando radio.

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