BREAKING — Newly Produced UC Berkeley Police Incident Report Details 2013 Football Player Assault of Teammate at Campus Simpson Training Center

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February 10, 2017
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by Irvin Muchnick


As Concussion Inc.’s discussions proceed with the University of California-Berkeley over a transparent public record of scandals under recently fired football coach Sonny Dykes and his strength and conditioning assistant Damon Harrington, the campus California Public Records Act compliance office late Friday released to us another document shedding light on the November 1, 2013, physical attack of a player by a Golden Bears teammate.

Though the names are redacted in the copy of the contemporaneous UC Police Department incident report that has been released to us, the attacker is known to readers of this site to have been J.D. Hinnant and the victim to have been Fabiano Hale.

I will write a full report and analysis for Sunday publication. Here are some quick bullets:

* The incident was around 5:30 p.m. on Friday, November 1.

* The victim “sustained a laceration approximately three inches long to his right ear and soft tissue swelling to the back of the head,” according to the reporting police officer.

* When the officer first spoke to the victim at Alta Bates Hospital, he “had no recollection of how he received his injuries nor could he remember anything that happened that day.”

* An Alta Bates physician’s assistant told the officer that he had been told by Dr. Casey Batten, Cal’s head football team physician, that the victim “was punched in the locker room. [He] was disoriented and wondered [sic] into the equipment room,” where the people there noticed his “behavior was abnormal.” They brought him to Batten. The victim was taken first to the Tang Center (University Health Services), then to Alta Bates.

* The victim’s mother told the officer that her husband had received a call notifying them that their son had been assaulted in the locker room. In reaching out to the parents of other players, the parents of the victim learned of a flurry of text messages imparting the name of the assailant, who “was upset because the coach made the team work extra hard in practice that morning because [the victim] did not show up.”

* An assistant football coach (not Harrington) told the officer the coaching staff was going to look into the matter once the victim “began to recover his memory.” The assistant coach said “some of the team was being housed in the Hilton Garden Inn that night. He was concerned about the players being distracted by an investigation the night before a game.”



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