As George Gibney FOIA Case Winds Down, Remember This Address of the Rapist Irish Olympic Swim Coach: PO Box 1235, Calistoga, California

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In Long and Winding George Gibney Saga, Month of January Is No Time For a Lull,  January 4th, 2017


by Irvin Muchnick

We are seven weeks since federal judge Charles R. Breyer’s ruling in Concussion Inc.’s favor for the release of more Department of Homeland Security files on the American immigration process of George Givney. We are less than two weeks to the deadline for the government’s decision on whether to comply with the court order or appeal it to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Regardless of how this Freedom of Information Act case resolves, thoughts turn to Post Office Box 1235, Calistoga, California. That is one of the many mailing addresses Gibney has deployed in the many years between the exposure of his Irish sex abuse past — in his first U.S. stop, greater Denver — and his current hunkering down, like a retired Nazi concentration camp gate guard, in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

The post office box, in a picturesque town in California’s Napa Valley wine country, was first reported in 2006 in a piece on the television program Prime Time on Ireland’s RTE network. Correspondent Clare Murphy, who had been tracking Gibney, did a standupper on Washington Street, site of the post office as well as many nearby health spas and expensive hotels. Gibney was working at one of them.

Murphy confronted Gibney in a parking lot. He ignored her and drove off.

As we go along, there will be more from that 2006 Prime Time report and other Irish media coverage of the time — and more on the clear and present American danger of George Gibney, on justice for his countless victims, and on accountability for the global swimming establishment, which enabled his flight to and ongoing presence in this country.

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