“John Furlong versus First Nations alleged victims: Let both sides be heard”

Your Newspapers of Record on Legacy of Death and Cover-Up in Sonny Dykes’ University of California Football Program
January 9, 2017
What I Mean When I Say That Sonny Dykes and Damon Harrington and the University of California Killed Ted Agu
January 10, 2017

Joan McEwen, National Observer





Rapist Swim Coach George Gibney Appears to Have Overlapped at Ireland’s Newpark School With Controversial Vancouver Olympics Chief John Furlong

Published November 8th, 2015


First Nations Complainants Ask Canadian Prime Minister to Bar Olympic Boss John Furlong Pending Hearing of Abuse Allegations

Published December 3rd, 2015


Abused Former John Furlong Students File Complaint Against Canadian Judge Who Shut Out Their Testimony in Defamation Suit

Published January 23rd, 2016


Canadian Government Sports Ministry Fields Multi-Pronged Appeals on Global Sports Abusers John Furlong and Alex Pussieldi

Published March 17th, 2016


Canadian Writer Laura Robinson: Protection of Olympic Chief John Furlong ‘Sets Back Judicial and First Nations Relationships By Decades’

Published April 6th, 2016


Canadian Media Coddle Liar-Abuser Olympic Potentate John Furlong — Now Floating the Idea of a Calgary Winter Olympics Bid

Published April 8th, 2016


Canadian Government, Misrepresenting Record, Dismisses Pleas of Indian Victims of Olympic Lord of the Ring John Furlong; Continues to Ignore Appeals to Intervene on Alex Pussieldi

Published June 10th, 2016


Scandal of Canadian Olympic Chieftain John Furlong’s Abuse of Missionary School Students Explodes As Native Groups Mobilize

Published July 15th, 2016

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