Government, Muchnick Agree on 30-Day Deadline For Responding to Court Directive to Release Gibney Immigration Records

“Judge warns U.S. over Irish immigrant’s sex-abuse case” — San Francisco Chronicle
November 3, 2016
Two Key Takeaways From Judge Breyer’s Ruling on Release of George Gibney’s U.S. Immigration Records
November 4, 2016

by Irvin Muchnick


My attorney Roy Gordet and the U.S. attorney’s office today filed with the district court a stipulation in which they agree to file within 30 days a joint response to Judge Charles Breyer’s tentative order in the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit for the American immigration records of rapist former Irish Olympic swim coach George Gibney.

The court ruled earlier this week that the Department of Homeland Security should publicly release specified additional portions of the 43 pages of the Gibney file that remain in dispute. Judge Breyer said his order was “tentative” but would become a full and formal order if necessary.


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