What Cal Deputy AD Made During Cover-Up of Football Player Ted Agu’s Death: $227,879, Plus Potential $60,000 in ‘Performance Bonuses’ and ‘Family Membership in a Sport Club’

Published September 29th, 2016, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick




Solly Fulp, the deputy director of athletics at the University of California-Berkeley whose slow-walking of the investigation of football player Ted Agu’s 2014 death is documented in a suppressed report by a whistleblower player to the campus police, was handsomely compensated that year. 

Belatedly, Cal has released a copy of Fulp’s 2014/15 contract — which soon would be superseded by a deal, in a newly created general administrative post, that of “executive director of university partnerships and services.”

Concussion Inc. has uploaded a copy of the contract to http://muchnick.net/fulpdeputyadcontract.pdf. It shows that Fulp was compensated:

  • $227,879 in base pay
  • $20,000 performance bonus if the football team won an invitation to any of these major bowl games: Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Cotton, or Peach. (The Golden Bears fell short.)
  • $10,000 performance bonus if they reached any other bowl game. (They played Air Force in the Lockheed Martin Armed Services Bowl in December 2015; it is not clear if that qualified Fulp for a bonus, since it came just after he left athletics.)
  • $20,000 performance bonus “for results relative to goal in the new business development area.” (This suggests that a $20,000 bonus for helping to transition himself into becoming executive director of university partnerships and services was in addition to the $50,000 signing bonus he would get for becoming executive director of university partnerships and services. Double the pleasure, double the fun.)
  • “a family membership to a Sport Club”



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