Arrivederci, Santa Clara Sports Law Symposium

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by Irvin Muchnick


Your correspondent forgot to calendar a reminder to check out … not … what gives with the next edition of the increasingly worthless annual “symposium” of the Santa Clara University Law School’s Institute on Sports Law and Ethics.

I say increasingly worthless because the event — all along a junket for usual-suspect speakers charged with sounding as self-important as possible while ruffling no feathers — had become downright laughable the last two years with the imposition of the will of the San Francisco 49ers, the institute’s “gold sponsor.” Two years ago the keynote speaker was the president of the 49ers, who promptly banned questions about domestic violence; last year the keynote speaker was the head of the Super Bowl site organizing committee.

I recalled that this august colloquy always took place on the same Thursday in September as my younger daughter’s school’s open house. But wait, Back to School Night already happened this year!

In a panic, I googled the institute, the symposium, and such friends and boosters as the Positive Coaching Alliance and prominent Santa Clara jock alums Brandi Chastain and Brent Jones. I found nothing recent.

Could it be that the Santa Clara Symposium on Sports Law and Ethics has died at the age of 6, from a combination of redundantly lame legal accreditation, porous ethics, and Concussion Inc.’s withering ridicule of both?


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