Federal Court Hearing Set Next Month on Possible Release of Immigration Documents on Rapist Former Irish Olympic Swim Coach George Gibney

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“Defendant has added some make-up and lipstick to its first Vaughn Index and document disclosures, but fatal deficiencies remain. After two swings and misses by Defendant, the Court is justified, based on in camera review, to order release of the now only 20 withheld documents in dispute, or of appropriately segregable content therefrom. Such an outcome would meet the immense and justified public curiosity, on two continents, of the American government’s role in enabling the movements of former Irish Olympic swimming coach George Gibney, one of the most notorious and disgraced figures in all global sports. In no way would such disclosure abrogate legitimate privacy exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act.”

So begins the brief submitted yesterday to Senior U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer by our attorney Roy Gordet. The full document can be viewed at http://muchnick.net/gibneyresponsememo.pdf.

In May, Judge Breyer received from the Department of Homeland Security, for his final review, the 20 federal government records on George Gibney’s 1990s immigration that remain in dispute in our Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Our new brief is in response to the government’s supplemental motion for summary judgment. Breyer earlier this year rejected the government’s original motion.

Oral arguments before the court are scheduled for October 28.

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