Did UC Berkeley Deputy AD Get Golden Parachute For Slow-Walking Investigations of Football Coach-Inspired Player Beating and Ted Agu Death?

As More Info Emerges on Cal Football’s Ted Agu Death Cover-Up, University Dithers With ‘Do-Over’ Review of Assistant Coach Damon Harrington’s Conditioning Program
September 8, 2016
Cal Football Scandals: Deputy AD Who Directed Ted Agu Death Cover-Up Got $230,000 Contract, Plus $50,000 ‘Sign-On Bonus,’ For New and Unadvertised UC Berkeley Job
September 15, 2016




Published September 6th, 2016


Quick Hits From Whistleblower’s Suppressed 2014 Statement to UC Berkeley Campus Police on the Football Strength and Conditioning Program That Killed Ted Agu

Published September 7th, 2016


See It Now — Full Transcript of Whistleblower’s Suppressed March 2014 Statements to Campus Police on How Cal Football Killed Ted Agu

Published September 7th, 2016





by Irvin Muchnick

In response to Concussion Inc.’s publication this week of the full statements of Cal football player Joey Mahalic to the Berkeley campus police in 2014 — and accompanying question as to whether the processing of them constituted obstruction of justice by University of California officials — Teresa Drenick, spokesperson for the Alameda County district attorney’s office, told us this week, “I decline to comment at this point in time.”

Perhaps Drenick will choose to comment at a later point in time. Or maybe Nancy O’Malley, the district attorney, will comment for herself.

The Golden Bears’ quest to return to football glory, and incidentally start paying off a little more quickly their crushing burden to California’s taxpayers, to the tune of uncountable tens of millions of dollars in debt service on the white elephant expansion of Memorial Stadium, continues tonight with a game at San Diego State.

So too, well out of view of television cameras, does the game within the game: the enrichment of select coaches like Sonny Dykes, as well as of faceless administrators like Solly Fulp, who enabled the criminal University of California football program culture that killed Ted Agu.

As the hitherto suppressed Mahalic police interview shows, Fulp was among the first to whom Joey Mahalic turned. This was after Mahalic witnessed, first, Dykes’ strength and conditioning coach, Damon Harrington, a sadistic character straight out of the movie A Few Good Men, inciting the “code red” assault of Fabiano Hale by teammate J.D. Hinnant; then, three months later, Harrington’s unprofessional, medically negligent, and institutionally covered up punishment-competition drill, in which Agu died.

Last year Fulp left his job as deputy athletic director for a newly created general university administrative post. As executive director of “University Partnerships & Services,” Fulp is confirmed by campus sources to be pulling down north of a quarter of a million dollars a year. In response to an email query, Fulp declined to discuss his salary or his part in slow-walking whistleblower Mahalic’s pointers to a program out of control to the extent of homicide by proxy.

We soon should be publishing both Fulp’s last contract in athletics administration and first contract in general administration. It is just the start of a Ted Agu “unaccountability” scorecard that extends from disgraced lame-duck chancellor Nicholas Dirks, on down to Fulp’s disgraced and since-fled athletics boss Sandy Barbour, and on to a former vice chancellor, John Wilton, and others.

On the most pungent accountability, the criminal kind, key evidence remains hidden in internal university documents, including emails (some of which may be released shortly under the California Public Records Act). UC’s public records compliance office already has claimed an exemption from disclosure of the campus police report of Mahalic’s complaints — an assertion that might have to be challenged in court.

What we know at this point is that the 40-page Mahalic police interview published here was a transcription of an audio recording. The transcript was commissioned by the attorneys for Ted Agu’s family as an attachment to Mahalic’s deposition in the wrongful death lawsuit against UC, which settled earlier this year for $4.75 million. A second exhibit to the deposition is a four-page summary of the interview by Detective Harry Bennigson and Lieutenant Marc DeCoulode.

Sources who have read the second exhibit (I have not) tell me that Bennigson wrote a faithful and unbiased summary. But that is not the point. The UC Police Department is not an oral history project of the Bancroft Library; it is an agency charged with enforcing the law. The cops surely also produced a document recording the disposition of the matters brought to their attention by Mahalic — even if such a document was just a football-friendly blowoff of his detailed accounts of both Hinnant-Hale and Agu’s lurid campus hillside death march.



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