Let’s Not Go Reflecting on the ‘Fan Community’ Or Anything

CHRIS & NANCY Dustup at Fan Discussion Board
October 31, 2009
WWE on Muchnick’s CHRIS & NANCY — The Twitter Daily Dozen for October 31
October 31, 2009

In the chapter of CHRIS & NANCY about the “Wikipedia hacker,” I discuss drilling into the Benoit discussion threads of some of the most popular wrestling fan boards, including one called “WrestleCrap.” I quoted Madison Carter, a Texas-based wrestling fan who moderates the WrestleCrap board, as telling me that he had “a hidden board that contains all the stuff from that night [discussion of the Benoit murders] that we didn’t outright delete, only accessible by my mods [moderators] and I.”

In the thread yesterday at the WrestlingClassics discussion board, cited in my previous post, Madison Carter has this to say:

“Mr. Muchnick … came to … me about seeing if he could get access to the ‘vault’ (for want of a better word) of deleted threads we had stored from the 2-3 day period it took place in; I guess so that they could see the real-time reaction from online fans. Thought about it a bit and decided I didn’t want to let what was going on in those threads — which weren’t truly indicitave of our board’s usual nature — reflect upon us or the fan community.”


Irv Muchnick

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