Muchnick Interview About Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka Murder Case on Ottawa Radio

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Thanks to Mark Day and Ottawa’s 1310 News for this edited-for-broadcast version of our conversation about the 1983 Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka murder case, which is now being prosecuted in Lehigh County court in Pennsylvania:

This is the version that will air later Friday, on the program Ottawa Today, which also streams live at The raw audio file of the interview will be posted later.

At the end of the broadcast interview, I make the point that the current obsession over the now 73-year-old Snuka’s lawyer’s moves to have him declared mentally incompetent — because of alleged dementia and concussion syndrome — misses the real story here. Some combination of incompetence and corruption, on the part of the local police and the office of the Lehigh County district attorney, kept Snuka from being tried for, at minimum, involuntary manslaughter, for more than three decades. And “justice delayed is justice denied.”

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