Resetting the Cover-Up of Cal Football’s ‘Code Red,’ Death-Defying Strength and Conditioning Coach Damon Harrington — In Five Tweets

UPDATE — Alameda County District Attorney: ‘We Have Not Seen’ Cal Football Player’s 2014 Police Statement on How Strength Coach Damon Harrington Inspired J.D. Hinnant’s ‘Code Red’ Assault
May 9, 2016
If Prosecutors ‘Deferred,’ Rather Than ‘Dropped,’ Cal Football ‘Code Red’ Assault Case, Then It’s Time to Investigate New Evidence of Strength Coach Damon Harrington’s Incitement of Criminal Vigilante J.D. Hinnant
May 10, 2016

1/5 This is what a football coach’s “code red” — instigating a player-on-player criminal assault — looks like.

2/5 At Cal-Berkeley, this matters because 3 months later the same coach would supervise conditioning drill where Ted Agu needlessly died.

3/5 After Ted Agu died, a player gave the police a detailed statement about strength coach Harrington’s earlier “code red.” Where is it?

4/5 District attorney says she never got player’s police statement. Why not? A Cal campus police lieutenant says it’s all ancient history.

5/5 These are classic elements of a cover-up. Read the details at .

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