USA Swimming Bans David Berkoff’s Harvard Coach Joe Bernal — Increases Heat on Berkoff’s Club Coach Dick Shoulberg

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by Irvin Muchnick

In March we alluded to sexual misconduct allegations against Joe Bernal, the Harvard coach of swimming legend and on-again off-again anti-abuse activist David Berkoff.

All this on top of the horrific revelations about the dirtier-than-dirty program run by Berkoff’s other prominent mentor, Dick Shoulberg, who was ousted by the Germantown Academy in Pennsylvania just before the launch of a current lawsuit against the school by a victim of Shoulberg’s sadistic ways, which included enabling youth athlete-on-youth athlete physical assaults.

Our sources inside USA Swimming tell us that Bernal actually was banned for life two months ago, but for the usual mysterious reasons, the group withheld the announcement until now. Here is Swimming World Magazine’s story:

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