More Info on Adult Arrest of ‘A.L’ — Dick Shoulberg’s Germantown Academy Swimmer Who Had Been Accused of Athlete-on-Athlete Abuse

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March 9, 2016

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by Irvin Muchnick

Concussion Inc. earlier reported that swimmer “A.L.” is named as the teammate accused of tormenting, bullying, and with regularity physically assaulting “John Doe,” who recently sued the Germantown Academy near Philadelphia on claims of wide and longstanding abuses in the program of coach Dick Shoulberg.

We further reported that A.L. is Alex Lebed, now a freshman swimmer at the University of Florida. We also found that Lebed has asked a Pennsylvania court to expunge the record of his arrest in a post-Germantown incident, which occurred after he reached the legally adult age of 18.

Through a public record request, we now have a copy of the October 18, 2014, incident report by Lower Moreland Township police. The document is viewable at

The report is not self-explanatory: According to the court record of the upcoming April 1 expungement hearing, Lebed had on his record a charge of disorderly conduct under Pennsylvania statute § 5503 (a)(4). However, this arrest record shows only a citation for underage drinking at a teenager’s birthday party.

We asked Christopher R. Hoffman, the township manager of Lower Moreland, to clarify. After checking with the police, Hoffman said the apparent explanation is that Lebed had already pleaded down the disorderly conduct charge to the underage drinking charge. If the more severe disorderly conduct count was previously cleared, it is not known why it remains listed in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas docket entry for the upcoming expungement hearing.

Citing student privacy law, the University of Florida has declined comment on Lebed’s status on the swim team of coach Gregg Troy, an old friend and colleague of ex-Germantown coach Shoulberg. Spokespersons for university president W. Kent Fuchs did not respond to our question regarding whether there is an active internal investigation involving any aspect of the intercollegiate swimming program.

The university also failed to respond to our question on another subject: a known 2012-13 investigation of a complaint against Coach Troy by one of many female Gators student-athletes who transferred from Florida to other schools. More on that shortly.

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