Dick Shoulberg’s Germantown Academy Conducts Bullying Survey (Which of Course Has Nothing to Do With Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit For Swimmer-on-Swimmer Abuse)

Published February 17th, 2016, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick



Parents at Germantown Academy faxed me a survey on bullying that has been distributed to all families there by Janet Maurer, the director of counseling services. Maurer explains that the survey was planned for more than a year and the timing was “based on the availability of our research partners at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is unrelated to any current circumstances at GA.”

“Current circumstances” include an explosive lawsuit, claiming that now-defrocked head swimming coach Dick Shoulberg, a national sport eminence grise, presided over a program at which athlete-on-athlete abuse ran rampant.

The document is viewable at http://muchnick.net/ga-survey.pdf.

As we’ll be further reporting, extreme skepticism over the sincerity and efficacy of this move by the Germantown administration is compounded by evidence that the types of incidents alleged by litigant “John Doe,” involving his criminally charged teammate “A.L.,” are old school at this institution.

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