Muchnick Quoted in Connecticut Newspapers’ Story on Linda McMahon-Donald Trump Relationship

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January 31, 2016
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February 4, 2016

“‘They’re close by all accounts,’ said Irvin Muchnick, who has written several books on the culture of wrestling.

So close, he said, that in 2007, [Linda] McMahon’s flamboyant husband, Vince McMahon, made a bet with [Donald] Trump on a pay-per-view wrestling matching known as the ‘Battle of the Billionaires.’ The loser, who turned out to be McMahon, had to shave his head.

‘I don’t think they could pay Trump enough to shave his toupee,’ Muchnick said.”


The above passage is in today’s story by Hearst Connecticut newspapers’ state political writer, Neil Vigdor, and Kaitlyn Krasselt about Linda McMahon’s $200,000 contribution — the third largest — to the anti-Hillary Clinton political action committee Future45.

Though not in the article, Vigdor also asked me whether he knew of a relationship between the McMahons and the Clintons. I told him that the Bill Clinton administration’s Justice Department unsuccessfully prosecuted Vince McMahon in a sensational trial for conspiracy to distribute steroids to WWE talent.

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