Later Today: Concussion Inc.’s Full Coverage of Troubling Questions Surrounding the New Bennet Omalu Foundation

‘Concussion’ Movie Producers Play Dumb on Why Omalu Foundation Board Includes Pop Warner Football’s ‘No Youth Deaths’ Truther
December 14, 2015
On Eve of ‘Concussion’ Movie, the Affiliated Bennet Omalu Foundation Raises Questions of Both Science and Ethics
December 15, 2015

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1- ‘s disastrous partnership with .

2- Bravo, , for NYT op-ed against kid football. But why sully your legacy?

3- Omalu movie sidekick Julian “Alec Baldwin” Bailes inexcusable “no deaths” truther for Pop Warner Football.

4- Holy plot twist: director Landesman says, “I never heard of .”

5- What is Pop Warner Football shill Julian Bailes doing on the board of the Bennet Omalu Foundation?

6- movie producers play dumb on Julian Bailes at Pitt’s new Bennet Omalu Foundation.

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