Bravo For Bennet Omalu Times Essay, ‘Don’t Let Kids Play Football.’ But Why Are ‘Concussion’ Producers Playing Ball With MomsTeam?

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December 6, 2015
Flashback: ‘Concussion’ Hero Omalu Must Speak Out Against Movie’s Disastrous Deal With MomsTeam
December 8, 2015

by Irvin Muchnick


I’m happy to see Bennet Omalu, the well-deserved hero of the upcoming movie Concussion, telling it like it is in the New York Times. See “Don’t Let Kids Play Football,”

Unfortunately, as we reported on November 23, the producers of the film (perhaps, or even likely, without consulting Omalu) are in a partnership with a group called MomsTeam, which does not hold that position. Indeed, right now, even as Bennet’s grave words fill the op-ed page, the Concussion movie and MomsTeam are in the middle of a screwy joint social-media campaign.

I wonder how you say “co-opted” in Nigerian?

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