Crying ‘Wolfe’: Football Hijacks a Social Victory

Rapist Swim Coach George Gibney Appears to Have Overlapped at Ireland’s Newpark School With Controversial Vancouver Olympics Chief John Furlong
November 8, 2015
‘We Are All Mizzou’ — But Football’s Revolution Will Not Be Televised, There or Anywhere
November 10, 2015

1/3 Someone needs to throw two contrarian Q’s into the story of how “power of football” brought down University of Mizzouri prez. Here goes.

2/3 Would “the power of football” have been brought to bear if Mizzou Tigers were 9 wins, 0 losses instead of, conveniently, 4-5?

3/3 Would Mizzou coach Gary Pinkel have supported the players’ strike if university prez Tim Wolfe had not already been toast?

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