Two Footnotes on Today’s Jimmy Snuka Murder Case Developments

Behind Gag Order in Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka Murder Trial: Fear of Reporting and Commentary on Prosecutorial Misconduct
November 2, 2015
Our 25 Years of Coverage of the Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka Murder Case: Headline Links
November 2, 2015

1. I now know for a fact that NBC’s “Dateline” did not, at any time, contact the Lehigh County district attorney’s office. Either Charles Gallagher, the deputy D.A., misspoke about that or the Lehigh Valley Live reporter got that detail wrong.

2. Judge Maria Dantos, who approved the grand jury presentment in the Snuka murder indictment over the summer, is not the only judge on the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas who previously served as an assistant to D.A. James B. Martin. So did Judge Kelly Banach, who today issued the gag order in the case.

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