Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer: Jimmy Snuka Murder Story Exposes ESPN ‘News’ Brand in Their Deal With WWE

Why the Allentown Morning Call Is Part of the Jimmy Snuka Murder Story — In a Bad Way
October 14, 2015
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October 16, 2015

This is reprinted with permission from the October 19 issue of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The subscribers-only link to the full issue is http://members.f4wonline.com/wrestling-observer-newsletter/wrestling-observer-newsletter-october-19-2015-mistico-cmll-tokyo-dome.



“WWE made a deal with ESPN where SportsCenter will do a weekly segment covering WWE news and interviewing a character. Jonathan Coachman handles the segment. The first segment was on 10/13 with Rollins, who was in character, and then asked some obviously pre-planned sports questions. The segment is part of a business deal. There shouldn’t be an issue of ESPN covering WWE because the audience and interest level is large enough to warrant the coverage. It’s not sports, but they cover a lot of things, like the hot dog eating contest and such, that they’ve made into a big deal that aren’t really sports either. What’s going to be an issue is when there is a real pro wrestling news story that isn’t positive for WWE, and those things are bound to happen, then what? Once you’re covering it, a sports news show couldn’t very well then run away from things like the Snuka murder case–a historical legend in a murder case with a shady back story of 31 years of it being ignored. And there will be real stories all the time. If they aren’t covered, that’s where there is a credibility issue in covering wrestling.”





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