Muchnick in Wrestling Observer Newsletter And on Wrestling Observer Radio, Discussing Jimmy Snuka Murder Indictment

Daily Beast: ‘Family begged girl to ditch brutal Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’
September 2, 2015
TSN1050 Toronto: “Muchnick on Jimmy Snuka murder case”
September 4, 2015

In the current issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has an excellent, thorough lead story on the Jimmy Snuka indictment for the murder of Nancy Argentino. The subscribers-only link is

Dave also invited me to write a commentary for WON, which we’ll republish after this edition of the newsletter cycles off the front page at that site. By way of preview, here’s the money passage:


“Where I would like to turn the public’s attention next is to remaining questions that the grand jury artfully dodged: What is the accountability of local public officials, including some of the very ones participating in Tuesday’s press conference to explain the presentment of the charges?

DA Martin’s predecessor in 1983, William Platt, is now a senior judge. Snuka’s autobiography goes to the trouble of highlighting that Vince McMahon carried a briefcase into a climactic meeting with Platt and others. They decided not to prosecute.[…]

An even more malodorous specimen of the smell test is Gerald Procanyn, who is still working as an investigator in the DA’s office. In 1983 he was a Whitehall police detective. In 1992, as chief of detectives, he told me one untruth after another in Snuka’s favor.”


Much more on this aspect of the story as it develops.

I want to thank Dave Meltzer for the forum, and both Dave and Bryan Alvarez for also having me on Wrestling Observer Radio last night for nearly an hour. The link to that audio (again, subscribers only) is

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