Swimming World Magazine: We’re Reassessing Alex Pussieldi As Brazil Correspondent

With Peeping Tom Swim Coach Alex Pussieldi Still on the Loose, the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Have a Human Sewage Problem, Too
August 14, 2015
So Many International Swimming Sex Abuse Cover-Ups, So Little Time …
August 14, 2015

by Irvin Muchnick

The CEO of Swimming World magazine today told Concussion Inc. his publication was reassessing the status of its listed Brazil correspondent Alex Pussieldi, an accused Peeping Tom, abuser, and international athlete trafficker.  Two years ago Pussieldi dismantled his South Florida-based Davie Nadadores swim team as USA Swimming’s regional arm, Gold Coast Swimming, prepared to fine and indefinitely suspend Pussieldi and club co-owner Tomas Victoria for dozens of violations.

“We are reassessing the status of all of our contributors as we have new people coming on board from around the globe,” Swimming World’s Brent Rutemiller said in an email.

This followed our question of why Pussieldi was still on the Swimming World masthead as its correspondent in Brazil. In response, Rutemiller said, “Thanks for bringing that to our attention.”

As we have been reporting, most recently earlier today, Pussieldi is also the face of swimming coverage on SporTV, a Brazilian network.

Links to Concussion Inc.’s coverage of Alex Pussieldi are at https://concussioninc.net/?p=8652.

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