Sunday Times of London: “Swimmer says Gibney ‘gained visa in lottery'”

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August 7, 2015
Reprint of Sunday Times of London Article: ‘Swimmer Says Gibney Obtained Visa in Lottery’
August 10, 2015

CHALKIE WHITE, who has alleged George Gibney sexually abused him as an 11-year-old swimmer, believes the former national coach gained entry to the US with a visa he obtained in a lottery in 1988.

Gibney eluded prosecution in Ireland in 1994 on 27 charges of child rape and sexual abuse and has lived in America since 1995.

Irvin Muchnick, a Californian journalist, is suing the US Department of Homeland Security in an attempt to acquire Gibney’s immigration file to establish how he was allowed into America. Maureen O’Sullivan, an independent TD, has written to more than 100 members of the American Senate and Congress asking them to support the effort to gain access to Gibney’s file.

Muchnick had said he wants to find out if USA Swimming or the American Swimming Coaches Association supplied references supporting Gibney’s admission to America.



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