‘US lawmakers urged to release Gibney ’s files’ — Sunday Times of London

USOC Admits ‘Frustration’ With Delayed Safe Sport Agency Start-Up
July 31, 2015
Reprint of Sunday Times Article on Irish Parliament’s Maureen O’Sullivan’s Letter Asking 107 American Congresswomen For Support in Getting to the Bottom of the George Gibney Story
August 3, 2015

“MAUREEN O’SULLIVAN, an independent TD, wants female members of America’s Senate and Congress to support a federal court petition to  obtain the immigration file for George Gibney.

The former Irish national swimming coach has been living in America since 1995, since the Irish High Court ruled he should not be tried on 27 charges of raping and assaulting underage swimmers because of a time delay since the alleged incidents.

O’Sullivan, a Dublin Central TD, has written to more than 100 American women politicians asking them to support Irvin Muchnick, a sports journalist who is challenging the Department of Homeland Security under the Freedom of Information Act for withholding 98 pages of Gibney’s 102-page immigration file.”


The above passage is the opening paragraphs of the story in today’s Sunday Times of London by Justine McCarthy. At this point the full text is accessible only to subscribers.

Complete chronological links to Concussion Inc.’s Gibney series are at https://concussioninc.net/?p=10205.


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