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Op-Dud: New York Newspapers Reject Piece About High School Football Player’s Likely Death by Exertional Sickling Attack

Published August 29th, 2017, Uncategorized

As this article was being prepared, news came of yet another sudden death of a young African-American during football practice. Here’s the story from the Gwinnett Daily Post of Lawrenceville, Georgia, on what happened to 19-year-old Nick Blakely on the field of Stetson University in DeLand, Florida: Don’t be surprised if young Blakely turns […]

Introducing the Sam Muchnick Papers: Correspondence With the Department of Justice, 1956-1964

Published August 28th, 2017, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   As many readers know, my uncle Sam Muchnick was the late St. Louis pro wrestling promoter and almost continuous early president of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). He retired in 1982 and died in 1998. In 1985 Sam let me go through some of his papers. The passage of time has […]

Alert on Football Practice Death of Bronx Teen Dominick Bess — Quite Possibly Yet Another Covered-Up ‘Heart Attack’ That Is Actually Exertional Sickling

Published August 25th, 2017, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   As the newest and sickest American football season gets under way — by definition, each new one is sicker than the last, the more we learn — Concussion Inc. is exhorting the major media to hit the “pause and reset” button in coverage of the latest highly publicized death. It is […]

Our California Public Records Act Suit For More Hidden Ted Agu Documents at Cal Proceeds, As Player Practice Deaths Continue to Roil College Football

Published August 10th, 2017, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   This reporter’s lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court, for additional internal University of California documents on the 2014 death of UC Berkeley football player Ted Agu, took another step forward this week when the parties asked for another extension, until early October, to explore a possible settlement prior to the university’s […]

Flashback: Liar-in-Chief Trump, Senator Blumenthal, And the Chicken Hawks

Published August 7th, 2017, Uncategorized

Donald Trump is again after Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut for Blumenthal’s past misrepresentation of his military record. Last time it was because Blumenthal revealed what then Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was saying to senators about Trump’s bad-mouthing of the federal judiciary, which was checking the new administration’s Muslim travel ban. This time it […]