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Meet the New NFL Concussion Czars … Same As the Old NFL Concussion Czars

Published June 22nd, 2011, Uncategorized

We all know what happened to Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York. Last year, before the Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives and he lost his own seat in a personal scandal, Weiner was the second most effective member of the Judiciary Committee putting heat on the National Football League for its unforgivable […]

‘America’s Game: NFL Poised to Win Labor Battle and Lose Public-Health Fight’ (full text)

Published June 21st, 2011, Uncategorized

[originally published 6/16 at]   by Irvin Muchnick Those who think the bargaining and legal skirmishes surrounding the National Football League and its players are in sudden death overtime have fallen for the oldest play-action fake in the book. The NFL lockout likely will resolve itself, perhaps even very soon and essentially in the […]

Must Read: FoxSports’ Alex Marvez on Strength Coach Legend Kim Wood’s Neck Symposium

Published June 20th, 2011, Uncategorized

“NFL must help prevent head trauma” Alex Marvez,

Comedy Central: NFL’s PR Video of Dr. Joseph Maroon Conducting the Perfect Neurological Exam

Published June 20th, 2011, Uncategorized

The National Football League’s new PR website,, has a video demonstrating how Dr. Joseph Maroon, team neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers, might examine a player who has been concussed. The clip, which Maroon describes as a kind of “two-minute drill” showing how a trained professional can check out a player “efficiently and expeditiously,” is […]