January 22, 2010

Jerry McDevitt, Lawyer for Linda McMahon’s WWE, Gets Mad at Me Again (Part 2)

JERRY McDEVITT PLAYS THE ASSOCIATED PRESS LIKE A CELLO In our current system of news delivery, a huge chunk of mainstream coverage is still shaped by […]
January 21, 2010

‘All Eyes Turn to Connecticut Senate Race’ … today at Beyond Chron

“Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts means that the next stop on the Obama backlash tour could be neighboring Connecticut…. And though Linda McMahon still trails Rob […]
January 21, 2010

Jerry McDevitt, Lawyer for Linda McMahon’s WWE, Gets Mad at Me Again (Part 1)

INTRODUCTION For those of us interested in cleaning up the death cult into which pro wrestling has devolved, one possible tactic is transparency. Or to use […]
January 21, 2010

Linda McMahon Campaign and WWE Play Shell Game With Media Inquiry

Here’s a story about the Linda McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment media relations offices that we can safely expect will not come up in McMahon’s interview […]
January 20, 2010

FLASHBACK: ‘K&L Gates in Bizarre WWE Smackdown’

Before taking the full plunge into the alternate universe of Jerry McDevitt, lawyer for Senate candidate Linda McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment — see previous item — […]
January 20, 2010

K&L Gates: We Did No Washington Lobbying on Behalf of WWE in 2009

Jerry McDevitt, Pittsburgh-based partner of the law firm K&L Gates – which both is a legal counsel for World Wrestling Entertainment and was one of its […]
January 20, 2010

Wrestling’s Jim Cornette Rips the McMahons

Simon Rothstein of UK’s Sun has a hard-hitting interview today with Jim Cornette, the pro wrestling manager and executive who is now with the promotion Ring […]
January 20, 2010

Muchnick’s Beyond Chron Piece to Analyze Linda McMahon Senate Race After Scott Brown Win

Irvin Muchnick, author of CHRIS & NANCY: The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide and Pro Wrestling’s Cocktail of Death, will have a column in Thursday’s […]
January 19, 2010

Did Linda McMahon’s WWE Do No Federal Lobbying in 2009 – Or Just Not Report Any?

I am trying to figure out whether World Wrestling Entertainment, the former company of Senate candidate Linda McMahon, did Washington lobbying in 2009 – and, if […]