February 5, 2013


February 5, 2013

Complete Links to ConcussionInc.net’s Coverage of Rapist Swim Coach Rick Curl

Washington Post: Prominent Coach Rick Curl Under Investigation For 1983 Relationship With 13-Year-Old Swimmer Published July 25th, 2012 ***** Did USA Swimming Lie to Washington Post […]
February 5, 2013

Link to Video of President Obama’s Pre-Super Bowl Interview:

February 6, 2013

Wrestling Legend Bruno Sammartino, Patient of Dr. Joseph Maroon, Jeopardizes Legacy in New Relationship With WWE

Bruno Sammartino, pro wrestling’s “living legend,” has buried a two-decade-old hatchet and, at age 77, renewed his relationship with WWE and boss Vince McMahon. The deal […]
February 6, 2013

Kevin Guskiewicz — MacArthur Genius Fellow to the World, ‘Dr. No Jr.’ to Us — Pulls Out the Culture War-Gun Control Rhetoric to Defend Football

I’ve already skewered Kevin Guskiewicz for his banality, which I find even more offensive than his particular views on chronic traumatic encephelopathy. See “Meet the New […]
February 6, 2013

Passing Down the Swimming Wisdom From Generation to Generation

Aided by the speed of youth, Curl-Burke Swim Club assistant coach Noah Rucker beat Curl-Burke Swim Club founder Rick Curl to their guilty pleas on statutory […]
February 7, 2013

Repeating Our Call For Athlete Sexual Abuse Victims to Seek Resources and Support From the Federal Government

I am reproducing below an item first published on this blog last week. There are indications that historical victims of sex abuse in USA Swimming, including […]
February 7, 2013

headline deleted per content below

This post has been deleted, consistent with a July 15, 2013, consent order in U.S. District Court in Maryland. The full text of the consent order […]
February 8, 2013

Brilliant ESPN Article by Patrick Hruby Tells the George Visger Story From Head to Toe

Last year the Concussion Inc. ebook imprint published a kind of Reader’s Digest autobiography by George Visger. Today ESPN.com published a long profile of Visger by […]
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