September 27, 2010

‘McMahon Mails First, Checks Results Later’

Seriously funny stuff from Hartford Courant columnist Colin McEnroe: http://www.courant.com/news/opinion/hc-op-mcenroe-0926-20100926,0,552938.column
September 28, 2010

Only a Fox News Debate Stands Between Wrestling Mogul Linda McMahon and the U.S. Senate

It’s not exactly Lincoln-Douglas, but the defining moment of the current American condition may be the first of the debates between the candidates for the U.S. […]
September 28, 2010

Muchnick’s Free Lesson to Richard Blumenthal on How to Cut a ‘Heel Wrestling Promo’

Buoyed by the recent Supreme Court decision allowing corporate contributions to political campaigns, the board of directors of Wrestling Babylon Blog LLP has authorized our crack […]
September 28, 2010

Muchnick on Brian Lockhart on ‘Teflon Linda’ McMahon

The thoughtful Brian Lockhart of Hearst reflects on the Linda McMahon surge in the polls – boomlet or historic boom? – in a blog headlined “Teflon […]
September 29, 2010

NY Times: ‘Wrestling Becomes a Campaign Issue’; CT Capitol Report on NY Times: ‘Voters Not Responding to Wrestling Attacks’

We have cognitive dissonance here. Or, as the gang warden in Cool Hand Luke put it, “a failure to communicate.” Today the worthy Paul Bass of […]
September 29, 2010

Highly Recommended Reading on Concussions in Mixed Martial Arts

“Why I have chosen to stop watching Mixed Martial Arts, my favorite sport – the mounting evidence of CTE from head trauma” by Ivan Trembow MMA […]
September 29, 2010

Linda McMahon’s Unstoppable Political Machine Extends All the Way to Mankind and Doink the Clown

Two incidents inside the wrestling industry in recent weeks show both how close is the coordination of the Linda McMahon Senate campaign with her company, World […]
September 29, 2010

P.S. on Mick Foley’s Position on Wrestlers as Independent Contractors

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter expressed surprise at the previous item on this blog, in which I cited wrestler Mick Foley as having defended […]
September 30, 2010

Why Are the Hardest-Hitting Linda McMahon Stories Not Getting Play in Connecticut?

This one isn’t quite “The ‘Oh Yeah’ Girls Make the Gawker List,” but it’s loaded with important information: “Linda McMahon, wrestllers’ deaths and head injuries” by […]
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