September 11, 2010

All-Time Top 10 Most Visited Posts at This Blog

1. Muchnick Book Bonus: ‘In Bed With the WWF — Sex and Scandal in Pro Wrestling’, May 15, 2010 2. EXCLUSIVE: WWE Wrestler Eddie ‘Umaga’ Fatu […]
September 12, 2010

Lowell Weicker With Words of Humility and Truth

This has nothing to do with the themes of this blog, or my attacks on him as a charter board member of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. […]
September 13, 2010

Linda McMahon ‘Kicked Dirt on the Graves’ of Other Dead Wrestlers Besides Lance Cade. See ‘Benoit, Chris’ and the 2007 ‘Good Morning America’ Interview.

Seven months ago this blog ran a multi-part series on what I called Linda McMahon’s despicable June 2007 interview on ABC’s Good Morning America – which […]
September 14, 2010

Wrestler Matt Hardy’s Physical Condition and Strange Behavior Challenge the ‘Wellness Policy’ at Linda McMahon’s WWE

I don’t pretend to understand what exactly is going on with Matt Hardy, the World Wrestling Entertainment performer who was pulled from his last booking on […]
September 14, 2010

Brain Disease Finding in College Football Suicide

Much as I hate to crash the party of Quinnipiac polls and smackdown headlines, I suggest that everyone read this latest from Alan Schwarz of The […]
September 14, 2010

Connecticut Is Investigating WWE’s Use of Independent Contractors

From the blog of Brian Lockhart of Hearst newspapers: http://blog.ctnews.com/politicalcapitol/2010/09/14/wwe-state-investigating-our-use-of-independent-contractors/
September 14, 2010

Let Me Say This Again: I Don’t Give a Crap Who Wins the Senate Election in Connecticut

If Linda McMahon wins, but the heightened scrutiny of her wrestling industry leads to reforms that save lives, that would be a good thing. If Richard […]
September 14, 2010

What President Obama Should Say When He’s in Connecticut

At last word, President Obama was scheduled to visit Connecticut to help raise money for the Senate campaign of Richard Blumenthal, the state attorney general and […]
September 14, 2010

Wrestling Journalist De-Spins WWE Response to Independent Contractor Story

From James Caldwell of Pro Wrestling Torch, http://pwtorch.com/artman2/publish/WWE_News_3/article_43765.shtml: [H]ow much WWE talent earns has absolutely nothing to do with independent contractor vs. employee classification. The top […]
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