Shout-Out to Tamara Holder, Ex of Fox News — For Helping Give the George Gibney Story Legs and For Speaking Out About Her Own Tale of Horror at Rupert Murdoch’s Network

Published December 17th, 2017, Uncategorized

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1/4 Watch the powerful interview today of ex-Fox News contributor @tamaraholder on CNN with @brianstelter. Rebutting Rupert Murdoch’s denial of a sexual assault/harassment problem at Fox.

2/4 RT @ReliableSources “There’s so many women who are hurting. We just want to work,” says former Fox News contributor @tamaraholder, who settled with the network after reporting sexual abuse.

3/4 Tamara Holder is still the only TV journalist who has covered my now-successful FOIA against the Dept of Homeland Security for the immigration files of rapist former Irish Olympic swim coach George Gibney. Here’s the 2016 segment:

4/4 Here’s the first story out of the chute from the new government production of George Gibney U.S. immigration records — by Justine McCarthy of London’s Sunday Times:


Complete headline links to our series, which began January 27, 2015, under the headline “Why Is George Gibney — No. 1 At-Large Pedophile in Global Sports — Living in Florida? And Who Sponsored His Green Card?”: