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Garden City Community College in Kansas, Where Braeden Bradforth Was Killed on the First Day of Football Practice, Is a House of Many-Splendored Dysfunction

Published December 16th, 2018, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   A new story in the hometown newspaper of Garden City Community College in Kansas — where 19-year-old football player Braeden Bradforth died of exertional heat stroke after practice in what has the telltale outlines of a cover-up — tells of widespread “turmoil that engulfed the school throughout the spring and summer.” […]

Now That Sports Illustrated Is Committed to ‘Updating Accordingly’ Its Erroneous Coach Jeff Sims-Fed Spin on the Cause of Braeden Bradforth’s Death, When Will the Magazine Decide to Do a, Like, Accountable Story About It?

Published December 14th, 2018, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   A Sports Illustrated writer yesterday told the family of Braeden Bradforth that she would “update accordingly” an August online article that colluded in throwing the public off the scent of what happened in his death just after the first day of football practice at Garden City Community College in Kansas. As of […]

Sports Illustrated Writer Promises ‘Update’ of Incorrect August Story About Braeden Bradforth Death That Echoed Garden City Community College Football Coach’s Spin That the Cause Was a Blood Clot, Rather Than Exertional Heat Stroke

Published December 13th, 2018, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   Charlotte Carroll, author of the inaccurate August story at — online arm of Sports Illustrated — about the conditioning drill death of Garden City Community College football player Braeden Bradforth, says she will “update” the information there on cause of death. Relying only on a misleading and self-serving quote from […]

Echoes of Louisville High School Football Coach’s Reckless Homicide Prosecution in Exertional Heat Stroke Death Are Evident in Emerging Details About Coach Jeff Sims With Braeden Bradforth at Garden City Community College in Kansas

Published December 11th, 2018, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   Last night Concussion Inc. broke the story of an emergency paramedics’ report describing the scene where Garden City Community College player Braeden Bradforth, who had collapsed and soon would be pronounced dead, was sprayed with a water hose at the direction of the coaches before the too-late 911 call. The head […]

Good-Guy Swim Coach Chris DeSantis Tells the Truth About the ‘Legendary’ Dick Shoulberg

Published December 11th, 2018, Uncategorized

Two weeks ago swimming coach Chris DeSantis published at his blog a superb takedown of “legendary” retired coach Dick Shoulberg of the Germantown Academy outside Philadelphia. The article went beyond the piecemeal things at this site about Shoulberg over the years — from his hypocritical internal USA Swimming committee memo warning the group not to […]