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Tom Humphries Case Prompts Irish Discussion of Similarities to George Gibney Story

Published October 25th, 2017, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   Yesterday we noted the criminal sentencing in Ireland of Tom Humphries, once a leading sportswriter there, for sexual abuse of a young woman starting when she was 14. Discussion of the Humphries case on Liveline, a program on the Irish public radio network RTÉ, led to mentions of George Gibney, the […]

Prominent Irish Sportswriter Tom Humphries Sentenced in Text-Grooming and Sex Abuse Case

Published October 24th, 2017, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   As my Freedom of Information Act case in the American courts for more material on disgraced former Irish Olympic swim coach George Gibney continues in settlement discussions at the Ninth Circuit CCourt of Appeals, another sports sex abuse case has hit from Ireland. Tom Humphries, one of the country’s top sports journalists […]

In a Tired Celebrity Media Ritual, Michael Phelps ‘Opens Up’ About Everything — Well, Everything Except the Sex Abuse Right Under His Nose in the Swimming World

Published October 23rd, 2017, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   As noted yesterday, Michael Phelps told all in an interview with The Daily Beast. Phelps talked about being the face of a corporate water conservation campaign. (And we can be pretty sure a publicist for Colgate was behind this hyped interview “get.”) He talked about how becoming a father “fueled his […]

Given a Platform to Discuss Sex Abuse in Swimming, Michael Phelps Swings and Misses

Published October 22nd, 2017, Uncategorized

The tease in the push item from The Daily Beast sounded so promising:   “The greatest Olympic athlete of all time—with a record 23 gold medals—opens up about Russian doping, his mental health struggles, and sexual assault awareness.”   But the actual exchange on the last point was just more of the same thin gruel: […]

U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Head Travis Tygart’s Cover-Ups of Sex Abuse at USA Swimming: Complete Links

Published October 20th, 2017, Uncategorized

EXCLUSIVE: Travis Tygart, Head of Olympic Anti-Doping Agency, Investigated Sexual Abuse Cases For USA Swimming Published September 3rd, 2014   Olympic Anti-Doping Chief Tygart Investigated Fugitive Sex Abuser Coach For USA Swimming; Ban Not Announced For 8 Years And He’s Probably Still Coaching in Venezuela Published September 4th, 2014   Ex-Flack For USADA’s Travis Tygart Trolls Concussion […]