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Murray Stephens Flashback 1: Baltimore County Police Acknowledged Letter From USA Swimming About ‘Alleged Incident’ at Michael Phelps Club

Published May 15th, 2017, Uncategorized

Last week Concussion Inc. reported that Hall of Fame swimming coach Murray Stephens is back as the operator of the Meadowbrook Aquatic Center, home of Michael Phelps’ original base, the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, after having disappeared as the face of the center in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct. Here, we begin our […]

University of California in Settlement Talks With Muchnick in Public Records Lawsuit For Additional Documents Related to Ted Agu Football Death

Published May 12th, 2017, Uncategorized

Counsel for the University of California Office of the President and Concussion Inc.’s attorney Roy S. Gordet this week jointly asked the Alameda County Superior Court for an extension of the deadline for the filing of the university’s brief in response to our Public Records Act complaint asking for production of additional internal documents relating […]

Hall of Fame Coach Murray Stephens — Accused Sex Abuser Who Founded Michael Phelps’ North Baltimore Aquatic Club — Resurfaces After Years Underground

Published May 11th, 2017, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   The Baltimore Sun, among others, is reporting that Michael Phelps and his coach Bob Bowman, who relocated to Arizona before the 2016 Olympics, have returned the management of their old home base — Meadowbrook Aquatic Center, headquarters of the North Baltimore Aquatic Club — to Murray Stephens. As usual, neither the […]

R.I.P. J Michael Kenyon — VERY Last of the Damon Runyon Characters

Published May 8th, 2017, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   Outsize personality J Michael Kenyon — an accomplished conventional sportswriter who was also a maniacally obsessed historian of pro wrestling — died recently at 73. Below are some of my interactions with Kenyon, along with general notes on his dinosaur archetype. I recommend the quick-hit overview of Kenyon’s extraordinary life by […]